How a Saddle Homer Helps Me Fish

fishing with friends

Now I haven’t been fishing that long, really…just a couple of years.

It so much fun to go to the lake with friends and family and spend some time together building memories we’ll share for a lifetime. It reminds me of going to the grand nationals…friends, good times and just enough competition to have a really good – and memorable – time together.

The nice thing about fishing, though, is that my family comes with me. The kids love being out on the water and catching fish. It’s so much fund to watch them get one on and then fight with it until it’s boatside. And the feelings of success and triumph in the faces and hearts is just wonderful.

But they like the other stuff you can do on the lake too…swimming, water skiing…pushing your brother into the water unexpectedly…

What isn’t fun, though, is going out to catch fish and coming back empty handed.

That’s what happened for most of last summer…until I got my saddle homer involved.

Well…not actually.

But as we were sitting on the water striking out, I got to thinking…what could I do to home in on the fish so we could start catching instead of just fishing. Spending time on the water together was great and all, but it sure was nice when we could take dinner home with us instead of having to eat sandwiches again.

And after talking to other fishermen on the shore and watching them on the water, I finally figured out what the saddle homer of the fishing world is.

It’s a wonderful little electronic device called a fish finder.

Saddle Homer = Fish Finder

But now that I figured out what I needed to home in on fish, I quickly became overwhelmed by all the choices available. I mean I could literally spend anywhere from $100 to $5,000 or more!

It was absolutely crazy.

So during the off season, I dedicated some time to finding the perfect one for me.

It had to provide a great picture of the bottom and what’s around me in the water. It had to be under $1,000. And it had to have great reviews and a strong reputation.

I considered finders from Lowrance like their Elite-Ti series. I also looked at Garmin’s EchoMap and the Humminbird Helix 5si with GPS.

They all pretty much fit the bill, but I wound up choosing the Lowrance Elite-Ti 5 inch because of its size, reliability, user reviews and feature set. I found this great Lowrance Elite-Ti review that really helped me make my decision.

Puttin’ Fish in the Boat

So what’s the result?

This summer was all about puttin’ fish in the boat…every time we went out!

Well…that…and water skiing, of course!

And the fun we have waterside before and after fishing…

And while I do love putting more fish in the boat and being able to eat them rather than sandwiches, I honestly think my two favorite things about fishing are:

  1. Spending quality time with my wife and kids (in places cell phones often don’t work), and
  2. Watching beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the lake…especially sunrises; it’s so quiet and peaceful.